What I am doing now

✍️ Writing

I recently published my first blog post and plan to publish a new article every two weeks. I’m a little behind schedule with the second one, but I think two quality posts per month are very much doable once I refine my process.

I already have a couple of new topics for articles in mind - most of them are concerned with setting and achieving goals, personal productivity and consistency / habit building. There is a lot of information around these topics out there already, but I hope to give some new perspectives by combining insights from modern science and ancient philosophy.

I’m also active on Twitter since late April and participate in the #Tweet100 challenge that I should finish in early August.

📚 Reading

I currently have 49 book that I started reading, but haven’t finished yet. All types and genres of books are included in this list: both fiction and non-fiction plus books about art, philosophy, productivity, (neuro-)science, psychology, creativity, content creation, as well as biographies and poetry. And I don't even know how many more books I have laying around, that I haven't even started (tsundoku, anyone?).

I’m a huge believer in not finishing books that you just didn’t find that interesting, so I guess I should do some spring cleaning and give up on the ones that I’m not interested in anymore.

In the future I plan to publish my book notes here in case they might be helpful for someone to find their next book to read, but also as a personal repository of everything I have read and found valuable. I think this will also motivate me to do more with my book highlights and notes after I finish reading.

🎨 Drawing

I loved drawing when I was younger, but got a little side-tracked during highschool and university as I focused more on my studies. But I really miss creating art and plan to revive my old habit. One small step I’m taking in this direction is to create atomic visuals and publish them on Twitter (e.g. here and here) and simply drawing something everyday. I currently use a couple of books and online courses as inspiration for my projects.

This is a now page, where I document what I'm currently working on. Inspired by Derek Sivers.